Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sorry, did you say something about growing up? No... I don't do that.

After reading a blog on change, talking with friends about “what’s next” and avoiding the idea of growing up at all costs I’ve realized… nothing.
When I was five I made my mom promise I would never have to leave home. Oddly, while I never like things to change and dread the future like stumbling into a garden of wind chimes (yes, I seriously hate wind chimes with a passion), I am nothing but thrilled when life does change.
At 16 I left home to live in London for a summer with my cousin and a horrible family who believed “nanny’ meant maid who will pack and clean my house when I move, leave five children under the age seven with for a weekend and not pay. Although, I loved the city and actually had an amazing time escaping downtown on my off-days. I wandered the streets excited to meet new people and see new things.
At 17 I decided to study abroad in Spain for the summer. While my first family believed there is no reason to leave the house when the TV can stay on for 12 hours at a time, my second host family was amazing. We’d spend the days at the beach, the evenings learning each other’s languages and the nights at the discos. By the time I left I couldn’t think about anything else but returning, which I did my junior year in college.
This experience was the absolute most eye-opening, exciting adventure I have experienced. I traveled to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Morocco and all over Spain. I met some life-long friends and immersed myself in a new life, which I didn’t want to give up. Once things do change it’s hard to go back. I guess my point it that through all of these good and bad experiences and changes in my life, I’m still scared of the future. Maybe that doesn’t mean I’ve learned nothing, because I’ve learned how to conquer that fear and push myself through the hard times, like graduating from college.
Photo: Near Lagos, Portugal, at the most southwestern tip of Portugal.


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Michael James Werner said...

!Que interesante! ?Viviste en Eropa? Me gustaria vivir en Espana o Italia. Un dia, tal vez.

?Que vas a hacer despues de su graduacion? ?Vas a regresar a Londres o a Espana?


Sam said...

So strange, well to me at least. To you probably not so, as hundreds must read your blog so someone is bound to have been somewhere you have recently. Anyhow, I was looking at the picture before I saw it was Portugal and it seemed vaguely familiar and then I realised that I was in exactly that spot about two weeks ago.

Awsome place. The Portugese are the nicest people in Europe and they have the nicest country to match.

jessie said...

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