Monday, April 23, 2007

I hope my blog doesn't feel like a hangover

I have never been very interested in blogging. To me, the idea seemed unprofessional and I feared the quality to be less than print. Although as the field of mass communications, and more importantly reporting, has overcome the limitations of time, space and geography, the Internet has become a playing field for all types of mass media. Journalism is becoming more innovational and exciting by the day, and with that comes responsibility.
I went to a work party over the weekend, and it was there (yes on a Saturday night of college partying) that I understood and overcame my hesitations about creating a blog. Michael Jackson blared through the I-Pod speakers and the dance floor began to fill with fellow news reporters, copy editors, designers and photographers, all ready and willing to let loose from the pressures of work. The movements on the dance floor were completely uninhibited and well, pretty horrible (math isn’t the only thing we’re bad at). This was my fear of the blog. Could my uninhibited, unedited and grammatically incorrect pieces of writing come back to haunt me like a hangover the next morning? The walk of shame through the newsroom is one thing, but it would feel like a marathon of shame over the Internet with everybody able to see my mistakes.
Nobody really cared at the party though, however crazily he or she acted or horribly we all danced. Maybe this is the approach I should take with my blog. As the pressures grow and responsibilities increase, maybe we should all have the opportunity to let loose every once in a while. So with that, please excuse every grammatical error and be grateful it’s not as horrid looking as my dancing.

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The way I see it... said...

I love this post. It is so true. What happens when we don't get edited?!? Maybe we will add in opinions that make our writing richer, but maybe we'll screw up...badly. It leaves us open to more mistakes, but also more able to be emotional. and YOUR pic is super cute too!!